The Road to RKC Certification

Kettlebell Training - Buddha and the Thinker

In 2016, Darren, Karine, and Paul all made a commitment to training so that each would achieve the Russian Kettlebell Certification.

The RKC is a tough 3-day workshop, at the end of which participants are tested on all the basic movements taught during those 3 long days including the infamous ‘Snatch’ test.

The ‘Snatch’ test requires that 100 perfect repetitions of snatching a kettlebell using your required kettlebell weight be completed…within 5 minutes. No joke. If you fail the ‘Snatch’ test, you don’t get certified.

So to help us prepare for this grueling challenge, Darren and Paul decided to turn a storage room above Darren’s business into a training studio.


Transforming the space into a usable space would eventually take several months and a tremendous amount of effort.

So, while we figured out what to do with all the stuff in the room, Paul got to work refurbishing some free weights, a bench and a heavy duty rack we inherited that was handmade back in the 1970’s and was in storage for many years!



Then we emptied the room…                  Painted and put up shelving…

image     image

Laid down some gym flooring…


and with the addition of new lighting, an 8′ pull up bar and mirrors, the room was finally ready for all our equipment. And the transformation was complete!

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2016-04-02 12.55.422016-04-02 12.40.21

The result is a fantastic training studio that provides us with all we need to prepare for the RKC!