Darren Walton

  • RKC 1 – Russian Kettlebell Certification
  • Reiki Practitioner – 2nd Degree
  • Massage Therapist – National Holistic Institute

Darren was born in San Francisco and has loved running on the beaches and ocean swimming since he was 5. In high school, he ran cross country and track, running a 4:30 mile and 9:46 two-mile; and a 2:50 marathon at 16 years old.

After 2 years of service in Vietnam with the Marine Corps, he returned home and became a YMCA Fitness Instructor. Soon after his return, Darren survived a motorcycle accident which put him into a full body cast for over a year — and challenging rehab to regain use of his leg.

This personal experience cultivated an awareness and lifelong desire within him for searching and refining his perspectives about how to optimally maintain one’s health and fitness — which led to the creation of the unique health and fitness studio, Buddha and The Thinker, located in San Rafael, California.